MSNBC’s Sexual Predator Mark Halperin

“What Could Be WORSE” Than Trump ‘Grab Her by the Pussy’ Tape?  Uhhh, actually DOING it Mark and having REAL accusers come forward maybe?   Paul Watson  – Alleged sex pervert Mark Halperin once asked “what could be worse?” than Donald Trump’s infamous Hollywood Access tape. The answer, Mark, is you. Halperin, a political analyst … Click Here to Read More

University of Illinois has an Ass Clown Math Professor

And she isn’t even a Blonde, but she LOOKS  WHITE!   Radical Math Teacher Believes Mathematics Perpetuates “White Privilege” Raven Clabough, The New American – A math education professor at the University of Illinois contends that teaching geometry and algebra perpetuates “white privilege.” Campus Reform reports that Rochelle Gutierrez outlined her outrageous theory in an … Click Here to Read More

Real Life Ass Clown Professor: Whiteness must be by any and all means, Destroyed

This is the Racist Filth……, The Demon Possessed Trash that is being allowed to spread his Communist Agenda and teach your Children and Grand-Children!   USC Prof Stands By His Call For ‘Whiteness’ To Be ‘Destroyed’               Chris Menahan Information Liberation The University of Southern California is employing a … Click Here to Read More

George Walker Bush

George Bush Attacks Trumpism, Defends Open Borders Globalism From ‘Nativist White Supremacists’ First a Flashback: Ole Georgie Boy when he was President! Please reread the definition of an Ass Clown at the top of this page and let it sink in for a moment! Chris Menahan Information Liberation – George Bush came out of retirement … Click Here to Read More

Congress Thing Frederica Wilson

Racist, Racist, Racist, It’s all they got! ‘Amazing’ ‘I’ve Become So Important That the White House Is Following Me’ – ‘I’m a Rockstar Now’ This Black, Cowgirl wanna-be Bimbo picked a fight, is getting her ASS kicked, and now is whining like a brat who just had her candy taken away! Her Ass Clown actions … Click Here to Read More

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