MSNBC’s Sexual Predator Mark Halperin

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“What Could Be WORSE” Than Trump ‘Grab Her by the Pussy’ Tape?  Uhhh, actually DOING it Mark and having REAL accusers come forward maybe?


Paul Watson  – Alleged sex pervert Mark Halperin once asked “what could be worse?” than Donald Trump’s infamous Hollywood Access tape.

The answer, Mark, is you.

Halperin, a political analyst for MSNBC, has been accused of lewd behavior and sexual assault by numerous different women. According to reports, he got off on pressing his erection against women’s bodies.

This of course highlights the hideous irony of Halperin’s October 9, 2016 tweet, when he remarked, “When people say some new Trump tape could have material that is WORSE than the @accesshollywood video, what exactly could be WORSE?!?”

How about the repeated examples of “gross” behavior that Halperin himself allegedly engaged in with at least nine women? Conduct that included barrages of unwanted late night phone calls and invitations for women to sit on his lap with the understanding it would further their careers?

Trump’s infamous locker room talk, which essentially described the ease by which famous and wealthy men can attract women, pales in comparison to Halperin’s alleged history of sexual assault.

For him to take the moral high ground on the Hollywood Access tape once again underscores the rampant hypocrisy that runs through the world of the establishment media, Hollywood, and the leftist intelligentsia.

While relentlessly virtue signalling about how much they respect women and how bigoted and sexist the right is, many of these same people have been intimidating, harassing and abusing women for most of their adult lives.

Some of the most vocal “male feminists,” people like VICE writer Sam Kriss, director James Toback and Guardian columnist Rupert Myers, have been exposed as sexual predators.

Now you can add Mark Halperin to that list.

Life really does come at you fast.

Source: Prison Planet

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