Jim Acosta – CNN’s Cry Baby Boy!

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CNN’s Jim Acosta said he “feared for his life” at the recent Tampa Trump rally. Then photos surfaced of the happy Trump supporters taking selfies with “Little Jimmy”.

Whoops! Caught in another Fake News lie, Jimmy?

Didn’t Mommy always say to report the truth?

Little Jimmy Acosta,

crying in his pasta.

Ashes, ashes..

CNN Sucks!

Whitehouse correspondent Little Jimmy Acosta complained to Whitehouse Press Secretary Sarah Sanders about Trump calling fake news the enemy of the American people.

Sarah then gave Little Jimmy an adult sized wedgie by reminding him that she and her family have been attacked and chased out of public restaurants by unhinged lefties egged on by his network CNN.

Cry baby, cry

Stick your Fake News in your eye-

You’re old enough to know better.

Cry Jimmy Cry.

Little Jimmy Acosta also acted up during the historic Singapore Summit where North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un met with President Trump. While the men were walking to the meeting rooms at a resort hotel, Acosta rudely shouted at Trump “What do you hope to accomplish sir?”

Definition of Ass Clown: Stupid or contemptible person – A jerk; a buffoon; a person who is inept or ill-behaved to the point of being found laughable!

Maybe Little Jimmy Acosta would be taken more seriously if he acted like an adult and not a angry toddler.

Little Jimmy Acosta come blow your horn,

FakeNews is on cable,

And journalism is scorned,

And where is Little Jimmy that lies to the sheep?

he’s in back of the press room-

fast asleep.

Will you wake him?

No- Not I!

For if we do

He’s sure to cry!

Hush little Jimmy don’t you cry..

Hillary Clinton will bake you a pie..

And if that Russian pie tastes bad,

Hillary will call you a good little Lad.

Now go forth and tell your lies,

and maybe you’ll get another pie. — GrrrTeam

Posted with Permission from Ben Garrison

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