Christine Blasey Ford is too Afraid to Fly to DC

However She Plotted Move to New Zealand after 2016 Election and attended the University of Hawaii!  Sounds to me like this Jezebel has some Mental Problems and needs to be Delivered! When this is all over it would NOT surprise me that we find out that she committed Suicide, or was Arkancided shortly after. Then … Click Here to Read More

Christine Blasey Ford: An Abortion Loving Feminist, Harlot and all around Jezebel!

Well, Well! It seems that this holy girl, as the Communist fake news paints her was, quite the Floozy, a Harlot, in her school days! When you are a Drunken Whore and sleep with many Males, there is a high probability that you will get Knocked Up! So I am sure that she has had … Click Here to Read More

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