Ohio State Hosts Deviant ‘Sex Week’!

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Topics and Seminars included; The Glories of Period Sex, Sex Toys, Abortion Affirmation

Ohio State? You would not be so surprised if it was one Cesspool’s in the Sodomy State of California, or the Communist Northeast, but in a supposed Bible Belt State?

This is Higher Education?? No wonder the whole of America has become modern day SODOM and GOMORRAH!!

PJ Media – Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the campus perverts are back! In case you thought you were sending your teenager to college to learn marketable skills to enter the workforce, you would be mistaken — unless your darling child is headed into the porn industry. “Sex Week” is happening right now at The Ohio State University. In case your kids didn’t get enough condoms on bananas in their wildly inappropriate sex-ed courses in high school, the university is offering “Not Your High School Sex Ed,” provided by the “non-judgemental” harpies of the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Department. But that’s just the beginning, friends.

Definition of Ass Clown: Stupid or contemptible person – A jerk; a buffoon; a person who is inept or ill-behaved to the point of being found laughable!

Don’t forget to stop by the Planned Parenthood seminar on “fighting abortion stigma.” You want to make sure, when all the hedonistic sex the university pushes on your kid catches up with them, that they can enrich Planned Parenthood with a quickie abortion. Shout your abortion, kids! It’s the cool thing to do. You don’t want to let anyone make you feel bad for killing your offspring — that’s just medieval. Instead, go hang out with the kiddie-butchers who will show you how to live a guilt-free existence even after you’ve committed infanticide. They have freebie giveaways!

Boy, oh boy, it’s going to be a great time! The Wellness Center is even offering free STD testing to find out whose herpes you contracted during this week of love. Don’t worry, kids! Herpes is incurable and exquisitely painful and unsightly, but pretty much everyone has it now thanks to oversexed “professionals” who want every kindergartner sexually active by middle school.

And don’t miss the sex toys seminar, which is relying on The Garden, Columbus’s own all-girl-owned sex shop, to sell your kids as many dildos as you can carry. They seem like real professionals. A look at their website may answer the question as to why these girls needed to become experts in vibrators.

You MUST read the rest of this article at PJ Media and see the video if you can stomach it!

Ohio State is Literally an ASS CLOWN University!

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