Black Racist Sheila Jackson Lee

The Raw Hubris of Privileged Black Racist Sheila Jackson Lee Check out this bit of news: Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee wears Pedophile Jewelry. She should have kept her mouth shut. I will bet in the near future this bimbos dark closet will spill open! Several decades worth of coverage of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee suggests … Click Here to Read More

Geography Professors at SDSU: The Whiteness of Farmers Markets

Two more Ass Clowns teaching your children to be blithering Idiots! Also see: Lesbian Collage Pharisee to Teach “Queering the Bible” Course Profs: Farmers’ Markets Are ‘Insidious’ ‘White Spaces,’ ‘Normalize’ White Eating Habits Chris Menahan Information Liberation – Farmers’ Markets “normalize” the “food consumption habits of white people” and contribute to the oppression of minorities, … Click Here to Read More

Fernand Amandi

No good PIG/DOG Cuban Communist says Republicans are Domestic Terrorists Alex Thomas – During a segment on Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” the liberal network allowed a Democratic pollster to call for his political enemies to be arrested and put in prison for failing to adhere to a variety of left-wing viewpoints. The pollster, … Click Here to Read More

Kooky Kathy Griffin

Is Kathy Griffin insane, or is she just off her medications? Well, both actually! Not only that she is anorexic along with being Demon Possessed! Really. This woman is on the verge of a total mental breakdown and could go on a murderous rampage at any time!  Canada free Press – After watching Kathy Griffin’s … Click Here to Read More

Dirty Dianne Feinstein The Wicked Witch of the West

Dianne Feinstein: 2018 Elections Will Be Another ‘Year of the Woman’ Well, seeing how multitudes of women are wearing “Pussy hats” and a “pussy” is also know as a “Pussy Cat”, I dedicate this song by Al Stewart “Year of the Cat”! Oh and a Whore House is also called a “Cat House”! Happy “Year … Click Here to Read More

Al Franken Hypocrite Extraordinaire

Senator Al Franken Kissed and Groped Me Without My Consent, And There’s Nothing Funny About It FLASHBACK AL FRANKEN: ‘I just don’t like homosexuals. I was glad when that homosexual got killed’ Joked About DRUGGING, RAPING Lesley Stahl? Senator Al Franken, who is now mired in a sex abuse scandal after a picture emerged of … Click Here to Read More

Washington Post and Jeff Bezos

MSM Readers Blast Wash Post For Attacking Drudge WaPo attacks Drudge as it pandhandles for digital subscriptions Kit Daniels – The Washington Post is taking heat after claiming the Drudge Report was spreading “Russian propaganda.” WaPo readers blasted the newspaper for attacking Matt Drudge’s news aggregation site for linking to Russian news outlets, despite the … Click Here to Read More

George Ciccariello-Maher Drexel Professor

Communist Drexel Professor Blames Texas Church Massacre On Whiteness, Had Previously Blamed White People For The Las Vegas Attack Update 12/29/17: ‘White Genocide’ Professor Resigns, Plays The Victim SHTF – A controversial Drexel University professor, who is already suspended from campus over comments he made following the Las Vegas Massacre, is now arguing that the … Click Here to Read More


The Entirety of the NAACP. Every Chapter in every State and every member! If  adhere to the idiocy of and doctrine of this filthy racist cult, then you are part of the problem and NOT the solution!   NAACP Urges Calif. Legislature to Ask Congress to Rescind “Racist” National Anthem So now the REAL RACISTS … Click Here to Read More

George Soros Ass Clown Extraordinaire

George Soros thinks he’s ‘a god’  ‘He views himself as a kind of deity’ George Soros: The “God” Who Should Be Jailed Fake News YouTube and Social Media trying to Sanitize Image of Nazi Collaborator George Soros 1st John 2:18 “Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall … Click Here to Read More